Software Development

Web Portal for students in Saudi Arabia

By June 8, 2023

A client of ours is in the space industry, providing space-related educational STEM programs to schools. As part of their partnership with Axiom’s recent AX-2 mission, we re-developed a web portal to allow it to support many more users (the requirements specified 1 million) and to meet the requirement that all hosting was in Saudi […]

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Azure Consulting for AWS Shop

By February 1, 2023

We were asked to help a software development firm that normally uses AWS (Amazon Web Services) implement a project in Azure, since their client (AT&T) specified that the project must be hosted in Azure. The project used: Having familiarity with both let them explain to us how they would normally host this project using AWS […]

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First-hand Lessons in Latency

By July 28, 2022

Recently I was on-site at an office in Bangkok, Thailand to help on-board a client’s client onto a SAAS application hosted in a Microsoft Azure data center in the US. The application (Angular) was very slow to load the home page, but behaved normally after the initial delay. We quickly realized we had latency issues. […]

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